Friday, March 2, 2012

Good{will Outlet} Friday #1

I'm about to share my biggest secret with you:

I have great clothes.  Most of them are brand name, cute, and well taken care of.   But the secret is where I buy them.  Most are from Goodwill-- and not just ANY Goodwill store.  I like a challenge, so I shop at the Outlet Center.  Not familiar with this type of store?  Imagine a big, dusty flea market type place filled with people and junk.  Clothing is only .50 cents  per pound, but you must dig through bins of dirty, worn clothing to find the gems.  If you're motivated, patient and have no need for personal space, this might be the place for you.

Most normal people have no interest in shopping here.  Why dig for decent duds when you can just swing by the mall and pick up something new and trendy?  I'll tell you:  resale shopping is earth friendly and pushes me to be creative.  At this particular store, I've noticed that many of the shoppers are hunting for children's clothing or men's work wear, leaving plenty of nice women's clothing for me.  An open mind is crucial.  Shoppers are looking for stylish articles in mint condition.   A small tear or missing button might be the only reason that an unworn sweater was sent to the bins.  If you are willing to hem, mend or repair, your chances of bringing home something great are larger.  Occasionally, I alter or embellish my finds.  Jackets and dresses can be re-sized and boring basics can be transformed with new buttons or accessories.   Every article I bring home is original.  I love that no one dresses like me; my clothing is completely unique.
I wore this outfit to dinner theater with my hubby last week and it cost less than two dollars.  The suede boots needed some gentle cleaning and the pockets of the sweater were unraveling, but they were fixed in no time.  This great skirt still had tags and I found the tights unopened.

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