Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweet Snack Sunday ~ Cheese and Crackers with Coraline

I love everything about the movie Coraline!  I especially love the food: mango milkshakes, gravy trains and chocolate bugs from Zanzibar! 

 Coraline's Other Mother may have been creepy, but I would have no problems eating the food she makes.
This week, Sunday's sweet snack was inspired by her quirky neighbor, The Amazing Mr. Bobinsky, and his stinky cheese deliveries.  

These crispy crackers were made from a store bought pie crust.  I cut them out with a round cookie cutter and and used a straw to poke the button holes.
  They baked for eight minutes.  I think they could have stayed in the oven for a minute or two more, but I was afraid of burning them.  I was able to get fifty crackers out of one pie crust, enough to make five lunch snacks with ten in each.


  1. You might like this post I did on my approach to cheese and crackers.

    1. Those look so good! I wish I could eat them right now! Thanks for sharing, Carole!