Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dream Catcher Tote (DIY)

Did you ever go to summer camp as a kid?
That week at camp was the single highlight of my year (even more exciting than Christmas).  Archery, tubing, and camping were fun, but my real passion was arts & crafts.  I was kind of an indoors kid: I'm sure this doesn't come as a surprise to you.  My afternoons were filled with magazine collages, glitter, and mastering the exotic art of Popsicle Stick Box Making (this is a staple camp craft right here).  Each summer, I brought home a fresh collection of friendship bracelets, painted ceramic animals, and dream catchers to decorate my room and enhance my indoor lifestyle as I endured the fifty-one week long wait till I could return to camp.

Art still happens to be my favorite activity, so I was beyond thrilled to get this pack of canvas tote bags from My Next Style and stencil paint from Simply Spray.  I (like to think that I) am a bit more of an outdoorsy girl now.   I made this nostalgic dream catcher tote bag for trips to the beach and farmer's market.  You can make one for all of your outdoor adventures, too...although, to be honest, mine will most likely be filled with books.

You will need:
- a canvas tote bag
- Simply Spray Fabric Paint
- iron-on gem stones
- masking tape
- metal Mason jar ring
- yarn or twine

Its time to show of your mad dream catcher making skills by weaving the yarn in your metal mason jar ring.  If, sadly, you don't remember how, or even sadder, you never went to camp, here is a cheat sheet at
This will serve as a stencil - and if you're really proud of it, maybe it will also serve as wall art when we're finished.
To make the feathers, fold a strip of tape (about 3 or 4 inches long) in half with the sticky side facing out.  Cut a curved shape with the fold as the center of your feather. Cut away tiny bits along the curved side and unfold.  Make three or four more feathers, varying the length and shapes.
Place the Mason jar ring in the upper center of your tote and apply the tape feathers below it.  For the 'strings' that connect your ring and feathers, cut thin strips from the masking tape and attach.
Mist your tote with the Simply Spray Fabric Paint.
When the paint has dried completely, carefully remove the metal ring and peel away the tape to reveal your design.
Arrange the iron-on gem stones in your design to mimic the placement of beads on a real dream catcher.  Place them where the strings meet the feathers and the ring.  You may also want to add a few to the woven area inside the ring.
Use your iron to fuse them to the fabric.  Cover the gems with a cloth before applying heat to prevent melting.
For more fun DIY projects, visit My Next Style's blog.

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