Thursday, July 4, 2013

Head Wrap (DIY)

Summer is pretty awesome, but you know what isn't so awesome?  Humidity.  That's right, and living here in The Mitten basically guarantees that I can expect Brillo pad hair from the first day of spring until Thanksgiving.  It can't be tamed.  Because I dislike children mistaking me for Ronald McDonald, I try to hide the frizz under hats, scarves, or whatever I can find.  This is why I love head wraps and why I'm going to show you how to make one today.  Even if you aren't at all good at sewing, you can make this: I promise.

You will need:
- a piece of fabric (about 22" x 10") Wrap it around your head to determine how long it needs to be
- a smaller piece of fabric (about 3" x 2")
- needle
- thread

If you want to add a design, I recommend painting it slightly to one side like this. 
**Instructions on painting the sparkler design are here**
Fold your fabric in half length wise with the design inside and sew the long edge.
You now have a tube. Carefully flip the tube right-side-out.
Fold the tube in half with raw ends are together. That new seam should be on the outside of your folded tube (see image below).  Now sew the edges together.
Pull the thread to scrunch the seam. Knot and cut your thread.
So far, your wrap should look like this now:
Fold the smaller piece into a tube and sew, then flip right-side-out.
Place the smaller tube over the cinched section with the seam facing down.
Wrap the smaller tube around and sew in place.
Try to fold the raw edges inward and use small stitches to prevent fraying in the future. 
The visible side of the wrap should look like this:
And here is the finished head wrap. Isn't it cute?
I like to wear them with my hair up.
But you can wear it down. Personally, I won't be wearing my head wrap this way.  I felt kind of like a burly biker or Hagrid from Harry Potter, but I've seen lots of other girls pull this off.

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