Monday, July 8, 2013

Recycled Magnets (DIY)

I adore summer.
During the rest of the year, I make a mental list of fun things to do when my favorite season finally arrives.
Unfortunately, I usually forget about 80% of them.  I've even written out an actual list, but I have no idea where that went.  So here is my solution for remembering those blissful summer ideas: Polaroid inspired magnets.  Use recycled magazine images to make magnets and display them on your fridge.  By glancing at them every day, you won't forget any of them!

You will need:

- magazine to cut
- magnet sheets
- white paper
- pen or pencil
- glue stick

You can go about this two different ways: 
1. make a list of summer activities and find matching images
2. look through the magazines for things to do and cut out the pictures that inspire you.
I made a list.
Make a stencil to trace for the photo. I cut a 1" x 1" square from scrap paper.  
Hunt through old magazines and catalogs for the perfect images to use on your photo magnets.
For the white portion of the Polaroid, glue the white paper to the magnet sheets. 
My magnets are  1.25" x 1.5"
With a glue stick, attach the images to the magnet.  Be sure to leave enough room at the bottom for your caption.
Underneath the image, write a short description of the activity.
Put the magnets in a place you'll see often. Whenever you find yourself with an afternoon and nothing to do, look at at your visual list and be inspired!

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