Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lace Cuff Top (DIY)

Believe it or not, it is time to start thinking about autumn.  We still have a month of summer sun to bask in, but fall fashion is here and back-to-school shopping has begun!  After watching this Changing Room video by Free People, I was smitten with the Lace Cuff Henley and all of the fabulous ways it could be worn:

Using another complimentary craft supply from My Next Style (again - thank you so much), I made my own version of the Lace Cuff Henley.  I dug through my winter clothing and found a basic striped long sleeve shirt to embellish with these pretty iron-on lace patches.

You will need:
- iron-on lace appliques
- embroidery thread
- long sleeve shirt

I admire anyone that has the ability and patience to re-purpose old clothing rather than tossing it.  Iron-on appliques are great because the only skill you need is how to operate an iron.

**If you don't have an old shirt on hand, look for long sleeve tops or thin sweaters at Goodwill to refashion.

Arrange the patches on your sleeves right at the hem.  You may want to cut and rearrange the pieces.  The package includes two floral patches.  If you prefer the lace to wrap around your sleeve, you will need to buy two or more packages.
Place a thin cloth over the patch and iron.  When the patch is attached to the fabric, carefully turn the shirt sleeve inside out and iron the back.
The appliques looked a bit too 'wedding-dress-fancy' on their own.  I wanted the shirt to have a casual distressed feel, so I added texture with embroidery thread.  In just a few random places, sew around the edges of the patch and stitch patterns and designs into the leaves and flowers.  
Wear your shirt on it's own, or watch the video again for layering ideas.
For more re-fashion projects, visit My Next Style's blog.