Thursday, July 4, 2013

How to Paint a Sparkler Design (DIY)

Happy Independence Day, friends!

It's time to play with sparklers!  I'm ecstatic to break them out tonight (even though I'm still too scared to light one by myself).  If you are in need of some festive last minute decorations before your picnic or bar-b-que, then this is DIY for you!  Grab a bottle of white acrylic and look for something to paint.  I created this sparkler design for a head wrap, but you could embellish throw pillows, paint a wooden tray to carry cold drinks or make Fourth of July cards.  I recommend trying it a few times on scrap paper first.

1. Begin by painting a + shape.

2. Add several more lines, all crossing the center of your + shape.

3. Continue adding lines of different sizes and thicknesses until you have something that resembles a fuzzy ball.

4. Paint in two or three extra long lines coming out of the ball.

5. Paint a small x shape at the end of the long lines and several of the other lines in your fuzzy ball.  Don't put an x on every line or your sparkler will turn into a dandelion.

6. Paint in a few short lines around the sparkler shape.

7. Add an x shape to two or three of these short lines, leaving the others alone.

8. Use the brush to paint in several tiny dots around the main sparkler shape.

You are finished!


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