Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Good{will outlet} Friday #47 ~ Inspired by Nelly Magazine

The 4th of July is almost here - and what could be more American than a frayed denim sundress and strappy sandals?

My version of this all - American outfit was (ironically) inspired by a photo from Nelly Magazine - a Swedish publication.

The dress, sandals, purse, and pieces used to create the jewelry were all purchased at Goodwill Outlet Center for less than ten dollars.

In November I collected spare keys from the blue bins to make into eclectic ornaments and jewelry.  The key charm with 'Liberty' molded on the side seemed appropriate for Independence Day, don't you think?

For the tassel necklace, I wrapped embroidery thread to make a tassel, wove the thread through scraps of chain from a belt, and strung together misfit beads scavenged from other broken jewelry.  Last summer, I made the red bracelet for the Bracelet Tutorial Round Up, and wore it in a Free People inspired Outlet Center post.
All of these items were purchased from Goodwill Outlet Center, but here's who made them:

Dress, Fire Los Angeles
Sandals, Candies
Purse, R.O.C. (from Post #23)
bracelet, made by me (from Post #13)
Key necklace, made by me (from Post #26)
Tassel necklace, made by me

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