Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Bobcat in a Box

So last week, I stumbled across something completely amazing: Bobcat in a Box.

For $30, a bot will find random items on EBay and ship one to you every day for a month.  The bot chooses listings based on your keywords for $1 or less with free shipping.
This service was inspired by the comic strip above, from xkcd.com, and is quickly becoming very popular.  How crazy is this? Can you imagine all the randomness that would show up in your mail box?  I love random.
I know that it's totally ridiculous, but I signed up for this nonsense right away.  I may regret it, but I must see what happens.   I selected keywords like craft supply and DIY, so hopefully, I receive plenty of useful, unexpected treasures.

I've been obsessively watching other risk taking customers and their un-boxing videos.
The ladies at DollarStoreCrafts.com have been getting all kinds of good stuff:

The bot picks listings with free shipping, and many items are shipped from places like China.  Because of this, the packages take a few weeks to arrive.
I swapped my first and middle name when placing my order to help me keep track of what is actually arriving from Bobcat in a Box.
I promise to share all of my bizarre, unexpected treasures with you as soon as they start pouring in!
Until then, please enjoy these bobcat memes created by my students (8, 9 &10 years old).

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  1. Interesting! I guess it is worth it just to get a little surprise each day!