Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Raw Crystal Necklace (DIY)

My role model is my amazing Aunt Jennifer.
She is a talented designer and inventor, and I absolutely adore her.

Knowing my affinity for re-purposing, she sent me a treasure box full of pretty little bits and bobbles.
This lonely little 'crystal' earring immediately caught my eye.  I say 'crystal' because it's nothing special - just a basic clear plastic bead, but with a little makeover, it had potential to become something beautiful and unique.
My inspiration came from stunning raw crystal formations like this one (image from WikiMedia).

You will need:
- clear plastic pendant or bead (look for one with both holes at the top)
- Goop glue or E6000
- sand paper
- gold sharpie
- gold wire
- gold chain with clasp

Sand only the top portion of your plastic crystal to roughen it up.  The texture will help the glue stick.
Use a toothpick or piece of scrap wire to apply Goop glue to the sanded part of your pendant.  
This will mimic the metallic stone base of natural crystal formations.  If needed, apply several layers of Goop to add thickness and texture.  
Watch the holes - don't let glue in there!
After the Goop glue has dried completely, color it with the gold Sharpie.  See how good that looks?
Your crystal will now look natural and organic - like you discovered it while exploring in some magical cave.
Form a tiny loop with your gold wire.  I wrapped it around a pair of round jewelry pliers, but you could use a round coffee stir or the the ink tube found inside of a pen.  
Thread the wire through the hole, position the loop so it sits on top of the crystal and twist the end to hold it in place.
Wrap the wire generously around the top of your crystal, covering the holes.
Hang your exotic new crystal pendant on a long chain and show it off.

Rocks rock!
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  1. Lovely walkthrough! The gold sharpie did its trick, and it’s a good thing the pendant already looked like a natural crystal formation. The finished design looked organic and rugged, this is good for an everyday casual wear. It’s great to think that this simple piece is made from an array of little trinkets!

    Ricky Rowe @ Find A Jewelry Expert