Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cat in the Hat Pencil Topper (DIY)

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss!

March 2nd is the famous author's birthday.  
I (like most people) was fascinated by his wild, whimsical stories as a child - especially The Cat in the Hat.  I had so many questions, like:
- Why did this mom leave her children home all alone?
- Who put Thing 1 & Thing 2 in a locked crate? Isn't that abuse of some kind?
- Why are the rooms in their house so big and empty?
Did you ever think about these things? It's like that family had 20 ft. ceilings and no furniture.

I love reading these books to my students, and I am always pleasantly surprised that books written so long ago (published in 1957!) can still hold their attention .  To celebrate his birthday, I made a handful of pencils using goodies from the craft cupboard in my library.

You will need:
- red & white pipe cleaners
- wire clippers
- pencils
- hot glue gun
- red felt
Use the wire clippers to cut the pipe cleaners in half.
With a dab of hot glue, attach the ends of two pipe cleaners (one red & one white) to the eraser of your pencil.
Wrap them around the top of the pencil.
Cut circles from the red felt (mine are about 1" in diameter) for the rim of the hat.
I used a little bottle of nail polish as a template.
Fold the circles in half and cut a small notch in the center. 
Put another dab of hot glue on the pencil, right underneath the red and white coil.
Slide the felt hat rim up the pencil into the hot glue.
Use the pencils as party favors, prizes, or gifts!
How will you celebrate?


  1. As a retired teacher, current substitute teacher and a life long love of Dr. Seuss books...I LOVE THIS POST! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! I just realized my twin grands were born his birthday!

    1. I am so glad you love it! And it sounds like you have a real life Thing 1 and Thing 2! Which book is your favorite?