Monday, February 23, 2015

How to Dress Warm AND Look Still look Decent in the Winter

Sunday night, I put together my outfits for the week and hang them on my bedroom door.

I do this for two reasons:
1. I can barely function in the morning, so everything is a challenge
2. I am always freezing cold. Therefore, I wear a lot of clothing to keep warm - and putting together all of that can be a bit time consuming.
Today I was blessed with a snow day (yesssssss) and have a little extra time to read and think and blog.  Soooo, I am dedicating the afternoon to writing a post about dressing warm in the winter for people like me, who are always cold.  You may not (and probably won't) love my style, but I hope you are able to incorporate some of my tricks into your winter work wardrobe.
.  Most 'winter outfits' are cute and moderately warm, but won't cut it for me.  If my collar bone area, arms, or feet are exposed, I will freeze to death.  To a normal person, this probably sounds ludicrous and melodramatic, but for my cold blooded peeps out there - you get it.
 I work as a teacher, so my outfits must be semi-professional.  
I can wear sweaters and jackets, but no t-shirts, jeans or tennis shoes.  Balancing a polished, mature look with the need to stay warm can be a struggle.  I can't exactly stroll in looking like Joey from friends when he wore all of Chandler's clothing.
It's all about the layers.  
If the draped-in-lace-and-silk look appeals to you - then run with it!  Layers are your best friend - and you won't ruin these delicate fabrics with unsightly pit stains, lucky you!
I love to mix and match textures.  
Because these materials are thin, you can wear several layers without appearing bulky.
 I always wear a long tee under my thin shirts for extra warmth and I cinch flowing tops with a wide belt to avoid looking prego.
Big sweaters and leggings can also become work appropriate with the right touches.  
I, personally, am not brave enough to wear leggings to work, so I would wear this outfit with black skinny dress pants.  My leggings are saved for the weekend.  I wear big sweaters like this one over a long lace top to add a feminine touch (and to cover my butt).
 A pretty scarf not only dresses up the look, but it also covers the skin exposed by a wide neckline.
 Leggings are not toasty enough for my legs, so I usually layer them over a pair of fleece lined tights and socks.  
Right after Christmas, I bought this sleeveless sundress with a keyhole back at Target.
Here's how I wear it and stay warm in February:
I wear three layers: a long sleeve tee, the dress, and a cardigan.
Usually, this is enough to keep my arms warm.  
If it isn't, I wear a pair of wrist warmers under the long sleeve tee.
The real issue with dresses in the winter is keeping my legs warm.
I wear tights, leggings, a pair of my husband's giant thick socks and boots.
My biggest winter secret is...
 pretty sleeveless tops!
I own at least a dozen - no joke.  I especially love them because I can wear them under sweaters and jackets without the bulk that short sleeves can create.  You know what I'm talking about, right? When the sleeves creep up into your armpits creating a bumpy shoulder pad looking thing? Yeah, that's no good.   I start with a long sleeve tee (my other winter secret), layer with the top and add a jacket. 
  Tall boots are my favorite, but if I decide to wear shorter boots, I pair them with long pants to avoid a visible gap between the hem and my shoe.  
This way, I can wear a pair (or two) of those gross man socks and no one will ever know.
Sheer flowing blouses are a weakness of mine.  
I love them, but can't get away with the delicate little tank top underneath.  My solution is to wear TWO long sleeve tees underneath.
 The only drawback is - because this top is sheer- you can see the unattractive neckline right through the fabric.  Toss on a warm scarf and viola! The neck line is hidden and you have an extra layer!
 I hope you are able to use a few of my winter wardrobe secrets.
Are you a cold girl?  If so, what are some of your tricks for staying toasty?

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