Monday, February 23, 2015

Geometric Hemisphere Earrings

While wandering the craft store, these generic little upholstery nails caught my eye.  
Now - basic upholstery nails like these have been around for a long time - and never once did I consider them anything special.  If you are the crafty type, I'm willing to bet that you may have a few stashed in a junk drawer right now.  Look for a second at the metallic finish and texture.  The pattern is geometric and so detailed, I can almost imagine some artisan hammering that design in by hand.   They have a slight Aztec feel to them, don't you think?
 For something so inexpensive and basic, I think they are kind of beautiful.

You will need:
- upholstery nails
- wire clippers
- earring posts
- E-6000 glue
-  nail polish

With your clippers, snip off the pin portion, leaving just the head of the upholstery nail. 
To add a bit more detail, paint one textured area with a coat of bright nail polish.  
I went with a vibrant teal because I love this color with gold.
You may want to use a toothpick to spread the nail polish. 
When the polish has dried, flip them over and fill the cap with E-6000 glue.  
Press the earring posts into the glue and allow it to harden. and enjoy!

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