Monday, February 2, 2015

Recycled Key Valentine (DIY)

I like free stuff - especially craft stuff.
This car dealership flyer arrived in my mail box last week with a key attached.  

So, naturally, I peeled that bad boy off and popped it into my pocket for later use, and then I saw the recycling bin in the corner of my mail room - full of key flyers!
 So, I took them all.
I know, I know: it's a little crazy, but just look at all these keys - literally dozens! 
Ten minutes of pseudo dumpster diving just got me free craft supplies for my library.  
So what can elementary students make with keys in February?
A 'Key to My Heart'
Awwww, perfect, right?
I almost feel like I should write the dealership a thank you note or something.  
Essentially, they just donated all these keys to my kiddos.
So, uh, thanks, Guys!
You will need:
- key
- pink nail polish
- clear nail polish or glue
- glitter
- tape
- baker's twine or string
- red marker
- white cardstock

Aside from the key, all of these Valentine's Day themed supplies came from the dollar store.
Wrap the bottom half of your key with tape to protect it from the nail polish.
Paint the top portion with nail polish.
If your nail polish is from the dollar store, plan to use several coats. My key needed three.
I propped mine up on the bottle to allow both sides to dry without touching the paper.
I was impatient, so I dropped the key in a glass of ice water to harden the polish faster.
I remember reading this nail polish trick in a magazine as a teenager.
Carefully peel away the tape.
Coat the lower half with clear polish or glue.
Set the key in a shallow container of glitter.
If you can see the black plastic through the glitter, allow the polish to harden, then apply another coat over the glitter and repeat.
On the cardstock, use red markers to write 'Key to My Heart' in a pretty shape.
Using a punch, make a hole in the corner for your baker's twine.
Use a small segment of twine to attach the card to the key.
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Maybe I'll send one to the car dealership, too...

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  1. I love it! When I was teaching the joke used to be when I would say to people...are you going to throw that out? LOL