Sunday, January 25, 2015

Dollar Tree Baby Shower Miniatures (DIY)

The Dollar Tree is one of my absolute favorite places for crafty little projects.
The appeal for me is one part price and two parts challenge.  
Re-purposing is my craft of choice - and the dollar store has no shortage of little trinkets to embellish and transform.  The inspiration for today's post was found in the baby shower aisle.  Alongside the pastel plates and banners, you will find a collection of teeny tiny favors - perfect for making miniatures.  My miniatures were curated especially for Calico Critter toys, but they would work in any dollhouse.

Baby Bottles
You will need:
- Mini Baby Bottle favors
- nude nail polish  
look for nude or flesh-toned nail polish in the cosmetic aisle.
Carefully paint the top of your bottle to form nipples.  You may need several coats.
Each package contains 36 bottles, so be prepared to have plenty of extras.

Toy Box
You will need:
- Baby Block favors
- Teddy Bear favors
- ribbon
- hot glue gun
- permanent markers
- x-acto knife
 The bears have a pick attached, so use your x-acto knife to slice that off.
With your markers, add some details to the face.  
I colored the eyes, nose, cheeks, inner ears, and added a few freckles.
 Take a small section of your ribbon and either sew or glue it to create tiny bow ties.
Glue them over the raised bow tie shape on your bears.  I also used the bow to cover my bear's mouth because it creeps me out.  It kind of reminded me of a ventriloquist dummy.  I don't know about you, but that isn't something I want to see in a kid's room.
 See?  See what I'm talking about here? Cover that up.
You'll feel better about it.

Wrap a section of ribbon around the block and glue it in place. 
Use the bear to cover the joining ends of the ribbon.  I chose the side with the 'A' because the bear almost covers it completely.
 The finished toy box is just about the perfect size and color for a Calico Critter's nursery.

Baby Stroller
You will need:
- stroller favors
- fleece baby blanket 
- nail polish
 Cut the baby blanket into 2" x 2" squares to make miniature baby blankets. If you can't find a blanket, look for a fleece scarf.  I like using fleece because it's soft and won't fray when you cut it.
 Add details to your one-toned stroller with nail polish.
I painted the handle and the center of the wheels.
I also experimented with gluing felt inside the stroller.  
It works, but cutting felt down to the exact size was tedious. 
I especially like these little buggies because of all the details and working parts.  
The canopy - or cover, or whatever you call it - swings up and the wheels actually spin.  
The quality is pretty good, considering that you get three in a package for one dollar.

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  1. Ok yet more reasons to visit the Dollar Tree! I was just in there today and you great crafts make me want to stop in tomorrow too! Love it!

  2. I've just stumbled on your blog and absolutely love it! I saw your easel and recreated it and it was driving me mad trying to track down where I'd seen the original! You can see my recreation on my website.