Saturday, January 24, 2015

Recycled Mouse Valentine (DIY)

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll has long been a favorite book and movie of mine.  
I just really love the nonsense of it.
When I was in College, my friends and I were all about nonsense.  We heard about a crazy Halloween party in Detroit at an old hotel.  Of course we went, even though it was in Detroit - college students are always the most cautious people.   We dressed as Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter.  Being art students, we made our costumes - most likely the night before, using bits and scraps that we had lying around.  Some items were pilfered from previous Halloween get-ups, and some pieces were just everyday art-school kid clothing, like the striped stockings, corset, and leg warmers.
Look! I was blonde back then!
This was also my first experience with false eyelashes.
The hotel had a big, dilapidated courtyard in the back. 
We played around out there and took dozens of pictures before the party.
We were so cute that we even had our photo taken for the Detroit Free Press!  
Unfortunately, it was so long ago that I can't find the article on their website.

This Mad Hatter Tea Party inspired valentine was made completely from recycled items and things I had lying around my home (just like our college Wonderland costumes).  I made several for my friends and wrote a blog post about it in 2012, but didn't give instructions on how to make them.

You Will Need:
- colored and white paper
- manila folder
- pink and black pen or marker
- hot glue gun
- embroidery thread
- hole punch
- glitter (optional)
Cut your white paper into 5" squares and fold into mice.
Here is an origami tutorial from
If you are having trouble following those instructions, check out this video:
So many mice!
Use the markers to draw a face and color in the ears.
For the paper tea cup, use the template at the bottom of this post.
Fold the edge in to create the rim of your cup and hot glue.  
fold the hour glass shape in half to form a cup, tuck the paper handle in on one side and glue together.  Use a strip of pretty scrap paper to add a stripe just below the rim.
For the tea bag, cut the manila folder into rectangles (about 1.5"x 2").
Trim the corners off the top and punch a hole in the center.
Tie one end of a 6" section of embroidery thread to the tea bag and glue a scrap square of manila folder to the other end. I drew hearts on the squares.  
You may want to add glitter to the square to jazz it up.
Write a valentine's message on the manila tea bag.
Tuck everything into the tea cup and add a few sweets.

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