Monday, January 5, 2015

Poof Wreath (Inspired by Anthropologie) DIY

Imagine if all the fluffy little poofs that tragically fall off winter wool hats somehow found each other and came together to form this cute wreath.

I was perusing the Anthropologie website, making up my fantasy shopping list for my imaginary giant house: you know - that wishlist that quickly racks up to hundreds of dollars and includes absolutely nothing you need or can afford?  Yeah, and don't act like you've never made one of your own - we both know what a tease Anthropologie is.  There are no secrets here.  So anyway, I was window shopping and day dreaming when this fantastically fluffy thing caught my attention.  I am a very tactile person, so naturally, I just wanted to curl up into a ball and climb inside it.  I know, weird. Although this Coral Bells Wreath is considered 'Holiday trim', I could see it gracing my home all winter. It sells for $130, sooooo... I pulled out the hot glue gun and made my own.  

You will need:
- yarn in various colors, sizes and textures
- cardboard
- hot glue gun

Part of this wreath's charm is the variety of textures and soft, dreamy colors.  
I used cream, tan, soft pink, and gray.
My wreath consists of three different sized pompoms.  
I made them by wrapping yarn around cardboard squares.  My squares are 2", 3" and 4".
To make the pompoms:
Wrap yarn around the cardboard square anywhere from 50 to 200 times.  
I can't tell you how many times to wrap it because that depends on how thick your yarn is. 
Slide the yarn off the cardboard template and tie a string tightly around the center.  
Cut the yarn loops.
I made
- eight 4" pompoms
- twenty 3" pompoms
- ten 2" pompoms
Cut a ring from cardboard to use as your wreath form.
My cardboard ring is 14" in diameter with a 5" hole in the center.
Glue the largest pompoms on the ring first, right in the center.

    Add the medium pompoms as the outer layer and the smallest pompoms as the inner layer.
Don't be afraid to squish them in and move them around.
It should look something like this:
I decided to hang this one over the bed because it looks so soft and cozy.
Was this wreath on your Anthropologie wishlist?
What other treasures are in your imaginary shopping cart?

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