Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pete The Cat Tube Buddy (DIY)

So, I am an adult...writing a blog post about Pete the Cat.  That is my life right now.
But, I have to tell you: I'm not depressed about that.  As a librarian, I have been introduced to all kinds of  adorable story characters - and Pete the Cat is one of my absolute favorites.  
Eric Litwin has written several books about Pete, and all of them are cute.
You will need:
- toilet paper roll
- glue
- paint (dark blue, yellow, and white)
- black permanent marker
If you spend anytime on Pinterest at all (and don't even try to tell me you don't), you have probably seen the dozens of toilet paper owl crafts that are so trendy right now.  
Fold the top of your toilet paper roll, just like you would if you were making an owl.
Paint your roll a very dark shade of blue.
With yellow paint, add two almond shape eyes.  You may have to add several layers.
When the paint is dry, use the markers to draw two thick black circles on the yellow eyes.
Paint a white circle right in the center of each eye.
Now add a little white triangle nose.
And now for the white shoes.
Print the image at the bottom of this post and cut them out.  Put a ring of glue on the bottom of your roll, then carefully set it on the shoe cut out.


  1. Ok I am not only an adult but a granmommy and I listened to the whole story! LOL I will share this with my grands and teacher friends of mine. So Cute!

  2. Ok Heather I need your help! Pete the Cat Tube Buddy is super cute!! What I would love love love is to find "Don't Let the Pigeon Ruin the Library Book!" Is there any way you still have that fabulous creation?