Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bobcat In a Box - Part One

My first packages from Bobcat in a Box are here!
In a previous post, I shared my elation about Bobcat in a Box - an internet bot that scoops up $1 Ebay listings for you every day for a month.  I have been anxiously waiting for the mystery boxes to start rolling in - and they finally have!  Rather than flooding my feed with dozens of single posts, I opted to write about the parcels in groups.  Part One is about packages 1-6.  To control the chaos ever so slightly, I carefully chose my keywords for the bot: craft supply, miniature, and kawaii.  
Here is what I've received so for:  

Package #1
It is...a single blue tinted translucent plastic gem.  
Not the most exciting craft supply, but it has potential.  I could glue an image to the back and make a Story Book Charm.

Package #2
six small metal flowers
These are cute enough. They remind me of the jewelry I wore in the 1990's - all from Claire's in the mall.   I'm not sure what to do with them yet, but I'll find a project.  Maybe earrings?  

Package #3
green and copper bracelet
You know what?  I think I may actually wear this simple bracelet.  I'm not sure which of my keywords snagged this little guy for me, but what I appreciate most is the description on the envelope 'fashon jewelries'. 

Package #4
glittery snowman cabochon
Okay.  I mean, it's a craft supply.  It isn't exactly my style, but I will use it for something...eventually...

Package #5
eight M&M cabochons
Now these are actually really cute!  I can't wait to find a project for them!

Package #6
squishy rubber centipede
Sooo....I don't really know what happened here.  This thing is about eight inches long and really, really gross.  Maybe I could make something with it,, nope.  I don't want to touch it.  It's staying in the package until I find someone else that can use it, such as the five year old boy next door.

And that's everything I have received so far.  It is very interesting - that's for sure!  
Packages are popping up in my mail box about every other day now, so expect another Bobcat update next week or so.

And here is another Bobcat meme created just for you by one of my third grade students:

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