Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 the Year of Opportunity

I am definitely what you'd consider a left-brain thinker: logic all the way.
Categories, maps, and systems make me feel right at home, and this is kind of a strange place for an artist to dwell.  Getting from Point A to Point B is so consuming that I tend to overlook everything in the middle.  Occasionally, I wonder what would happen if I actually did stop to take it all in.  Maybe I'd find a better way to get where I'm heading OR I would set my sights on an even better target.  According to about 20% of the quotes on pinterest, life is about the journey, not the destination, right?  This was a HUGE realization for me: not only am I missing out on authentic connections and moments, but think of all the opportunities I've walked right by!
2016 is going to be my year of opportunity.  
I'm working hard to stay in the moment.  If I stop to look and listen, I truly believe that incredible opportunities will find me.  Today I met up with a group of people I've never met at Heartseed Studio (this place is a gem, but more about that in a future post) to take a photo walk around the city.  
We literally spent an hour walking through back alleys and snapping photos of the most beautifully mundane elements of the morning: graffiti, dumpsters, strangers, and shadows.
It was like I had tumbled down the rabbit hole into some gorgeous land of industrial magic.  Everything felt so special; the colors and textures were almost overwhelming.  It's crazy to think that I've walked down these streets a dozen times with my head somewhere else, never noticing any of this enchantment.
 If you've never stopped to explore your city and take photos, I highly recommended it.
Happy 2016!


  1. I absolutely love your Photography Walk through our beautiful downtown. I will definitely be joining in next time.

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to do it again, there's just so many interesting little things to discover!