Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Book Fair

Book Fair Week is literally the best time of year for most elementary students. 
I can't explain why, but they LOSE THEIR MINDS over it!
One of my special jobs as the librarian is to hype the crap out of our annual fair because a percentage of the profits will be used for new books.  I like new books so I try to create contests and drawings to lure them in.  This year, I drew popular book characters on a poster.  Each student submitted their guesses for a chance to win twenty Scholastic dollars.  
Can you guess who they all are?
(or just scroll to the bottom where I wrote all the answers.  Cheater)
I also take this opportunity to dress up in silly book character costumes, because, why not?  
You can look at my costumes from last year right here.
Any day you can wear a toilet paper roll crown to work is a good day (this should be a t-shirt, by the way).  I hate taking photos with my face in them, but I snapped selfies all week to record my costumes.

Day one: The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch
I adore this book AND how simple the costume was to make.  I wore a black shirt and leggings to school, then I literally taped brown craft paper around my waist into the form of a dress. The crown was made from a toilet paper roll and bobby pinned in place.  
Funny story: this is not the first time I've worn a handmade toilet paper roll hat to school, this is:

Day two: Jane Porter from Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
I decided to go with the Disney version of Jane's dress instead of the one shouldered skimpy leopard skin version, for obvious reasons like not wanting to get cold... or fired.  The safari hat was an awesome thrift find, along with the coordinating yellow blouse and skirt. I pinned a band of thick violet ribbon around the hat to form a band and tied a bow around my neck.  The white skirt underneath is from my Belle costume.
The Disney Version of Jane Porter:
Day Three: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff
This was a fun and very comfortable day!
The overalls, from the thrift store, had bits of hay in the pockets. A scarecrow donated them, I'm sure of it.  The ears are made of felt then hot glued to bobby pins and the giant cookie was cut from cardboard.
Day four: Katniss from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Because we had a big presentation that day (for being recognized as a Blue Ribbon School - yay), I wasn't able to dress up until after the ceremony.  Katniss seemed like a logical choice because I had to do was braid my hair and pop on a Mockingjay pin.
My friend Justin made this gorgeous steam punk version of the iconic pin for me in Michigan.  I wear it whenever I can get away with it, which is surprisingly more often than you'd think....
The fair was super successful and my happy students selected several hundred dollars in books for the library.  One of the most popular books they chose was Pete the Cat and the Bedtime Blues by Kimberly and James Dean.  Here is a Pete inspired DIY project for you, which I just realized also features a toilet paper roll... maybe that should be my new thing.
After reading the story, I taught my kiddos how to draw Pete and they designed their own pajamas for him.
And the answers are:
5. Pigeon
12. The Cat in the Hat

How many did you know?


  1. I only guessed 3 but should have gotten 5! lol I got 10,11,12 should have gotten 3&8 too!

    1. I am impressed! If I wasn't a librarian, I'd NEVER know who half these characters are. I think you would really like Olivia Pig, #7. She's a very cute little character that likes to play and imagine - right up your alley!