Sunday, January 3, 2016

Shades of Tangerine is Four Years Old

Four Years ago, I started this blog as part of a New Year's resolution to make art and inspire others.
Life back then was blah; not horrible, just...mundane.  
I worked as a signage coordinator for a large toy retailer and although grateful to have a job, it demanded absolutely zero creativity.  Not to sound dramatic, but it was eating away at me a little bit everyday, like the erosion of stones in the ocean.  That was my visual of the situation.  By nature, I am a very creative and tactile person, always constructing and reconstructing.  I'm hardwired this way.  
At restaurants, I'm that girl who's always twisting her straw wrapper into tiny sculptures or sketching on the napkin.  Creativity is a force: it's my spirit, my soul (again, I know, verging on dramatic) and it has to come out.  That is the definition of "creative expression."  
You and I share this force, everyone does - even if we suck at making art.  
There are no requirements of art, no law that states "You can only make art if you are good at it."  It's all about the process: creating is good for your mind and your soul, and probably for your body as well.  
And art isn't limited to painting or drawing, it emcompasses anything that challenges you to create something new, to capture a feeling, or to express your thoughts and emotions.  We each have our own form of creative expression: building or baking or singing or writing.  Whatever you do - keep doing it because you are amazing (imagine me pointing at you and winking). Your expression is unique to you: no one else can make art the way you do, and the world needs what you have to offer.

“Creativity takes courage. ” 
- Henri Matisse

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