Friday, January 1, 2016

Coffee/Tea Cart

The good news about living in a rental: I'm free to change my mind and run away into the night any time I'd like.
The bad news: limited design opportunities, itty bitty living space, and So. Much. Beige.

I'm all for neutrals, but not on the walls and the floors and the carpet and the appliances.  Sometimes, I feel like I've taken up residence inside a boxy 1980s computer.
My home:
Here is my actual home.  Please note the wall-creeping carpet (the carpet actually doubles as a baseboard here - I didn't even know that was a thing), circa 1970s refrigerator and someone's brilliant decision to place the internet/phone jack RIGHT IN THE CENTER OF THE WALL - also very beige!
Every bit of space counts in tiny apartments and this awkward nook has so much potential.  Sadly, there's nothing to be done about the beige overkill, but it can be balanced with natural wood and bright colors.  I've been dreaming of a bar cart with sleek lines and several shelves to house our Keurig and espresso maker.  The kitchen counters are getting crowded and Target had this cart on clearance for $38 after Christmas.  It happens to be exactly what my humble little home needs.
An abstract oil painting by Patrick obscures that ugly phone jack and thermostat.  Cool blue is a breath of fresh air and a refreshing contrast to the surrounding beige.   It's also very dark in here and from the corner of my eye, the painting looks almost like a window and the painting's height brings the eye up and makes our ceilings feel higher.
I found a space to display Patrick's speckled asian tea set on the center shelf.  He's happy to have it out of the box and I'm happy that our tastes meld together so easily.  Some significant others out there are indifferent to how their partner chooses to decorate.  Mine is not.  We go 50/50 on everything, even interior design.
This dark wooden box was a wedding gift, originally filled with silverware.  The silverware is now stashed in a kitchen drawer and I needed a place to organize and store out tea (we drink a lot of that) so today it is a tea chest.  Fancy, right?
K-cups are convenient, but I worry about their impact on the environment.  You can only upcycle so many of them into craft projects.  Because of that, we like to use refillable plastic cups. 

Remember that chalkboard charger from the dollar spot at Target?  
I wrote a quote by Erin Hanson in Sharpie, then glued magnets on the back to transform it into a sign.
With a sign hanging here, I can almost forget that one wall of this cozy nook is actually the side of an old rumbling refrigerator.

A modern, black metal basket (again - Target clearance) on the bottom shelf corrals coffee bags, Torani syrup bottles, and a french press.  The mercury glass jug was a super fast DIY to hide the tangle of cords bundled up with my wireless internet router behind.
This gorgeous blue agate book end is half of a set, a very lucky Goodwill find that holds up our growing collection of gluten free/vegetarian/vegan cookbooks.  
We just may be the world's pickiest eaters.
How are you taking advantage of small spaces in your home?

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