Saturday, January 16, 2016

Donut Sticker DIY

I really enjoy a good donut.  I even enjoy a not-so-good gas station donut.  I'm not picky.  I think about them often, especially at work because donuts happen to be a frequent visitor in the staff lounge.  Since I stopped eating gluten, this has become distressing for me.  Seriously, I don't know who keeps bringing them but you need to stop.

My coffee mug:
Do these reinforcement labels ever conjure up the image of donuts for you?  
No? Is it just me?  I've always entertained the idea of sketching some pink frosting and a scattering of sprinkles on them, and today I did just that!  
Now, donut stickers aren't as good as the real thing buuuut they're gluten free and super cute, so that's a win - and really, what says "I love you" better than donuts, right?
You will need:
1/4" reinforcement labels
fine point permanent markers 

Gather up a variety of colors.  With Valentine's Day approaching quickly, I went with sweetheart hues like red and shades of pink.  
*Shout out to the local Asian market for offering this newspaper in their vestibule.  I have no idea what it says but it looks fun.*
Begin by drawing the frosting.  I drew a flower-like squiggle shape in pale, icy pink that veered close to the edges and sometimes touched it.  Don't be skimpy with your frosting - no one likes that.  Imagine an ooey-gooey decadent glaze that covers a good amount of your donut. 
Fill in the outline with your marker.
 Use a tan marker to fill in the remaining white space, creating the bready donut underneath your frosting.  Mmmmm... 
 Use a variety of colors (darker than your frosting) to add sweet sprinkles.  I opted for red, bold pink, and a rich chocolate brown.  Concentrate the majority of your polka dot sprinkles near the hole in the center and draw in one or two rogue dots near the edge.  Those sprinkles didn't make it onto the frosting.   It's funny, but messy imperfections seem to make things appear more realistic.
 When you feel good about this process, branch out with other donut designs.  Maybe your confections are made of dark chocolate or red velvet.  The frosting may be drizzled in a pattern or have a special note written in icing (a very short note, obviously).
Tack the sticker sheets to handmade valentines with hokey messages like "I DONUT know what I'd do without you" 
or "Donut you know I like you a hole bunch?"
Or, just pop these awesome stickers on everything you come across.  I'm pretty sure you'll make someone's day.

Generally, I think I'd write doughnut not donut, but the simpler version just seems to work so well with colorful sprinkles and these silly plays on words.
Donut you agree? hehe

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