Friday, December 14, 2012

12 Days of Recycled Christmas Ornaments (DIY) #11 ~ Pipe

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
eleven pipers piping.
I'm sure the pipers in this song are actually svelte little flute players prancing around in tight pants, but I imagine something different, something more like..... this guy:
This salty sea captain is actually my friend, Mitch.  This recycled pipe ornament is more like Santa's pipe, and it's made with a plastic cap and a pen that ran out of ink. 
 Here's how to make it:
You will need:
plastic cap
ball point pen
hot glue gun

For the mouthpiece of your pipe, find a non-working ballpoint pen.  I recommend searching out black, gray, brown, or an ivory color.  Remove the empty ink tube from your pen. 
**Be careful - even if the pen no longer writes, there might still be some ink hiding inside.**
Use wire clippers to cut the outer plastic shell of the pen to about 3" long.  Because all pens are shaped differently, you can decide which end you would like to use as the mouthpiece.
For the plastic lid, dig through your craft supplies, makeup, and hair products.  Mine came from a bottle of spray-in hair conditioner.  It's about 1.5" tall.  Set the cap upside down on the table (so it looks like a miniature waste paper basket) and hot glue the pen section near the bottom of the cap.
Flip the pipe over and place a dab of hot glue in the center of the cap.  Press the end of your twine into it and wrap slowly in a spiral, adding more dabs of glue to hold the twine in place.  Continue up the sides of the cap until you reach the rim.  Work carefully around the ink pen to cover the plastic cap.  You may need to add extra glue and overlap the twine.  When you reach the rim, use plenty of glue and cut the twine.
Place another spot of glue on the area where your cap and pen connect.  Wrap a new segment of twine around the pen section.  Cover about 1/3 to 1/2 of the pen, then cut the twine and glue the end down.
Most pipes (or at least the pipes I looked at online) have a metal band between the pipe portion and mouth piece. I used a piece of foil from a can of Pringles to create the band.  I cut and folded the foil into a strip and wrapped it around the pipe where the twine ends.  Along with hot glue, I also used clear tape to hold it in place.
Form a loop with your string and glue inside of your pipe for hanging on the tree.  For the smoke, gently pull apart your cotton and glue inside the pipe.
If you just want a pipe to carry around, leave the string off .  Cheerio!

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