Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lace Doily Scarf (DIY)

Winter is gorgeous, but not so fun if -like me- you're always cold.  When I meet up with my friends to ice skate or walk around downtown, I'm secretly jealous of their girly dresses and fuzzy fingerless gloves because I'm usually shivering uncontrollably under six layers of long johns with snot frozen to my face.  Picking out a pretty outfit can be disheartening when, to survive, you have to throw on enough layers to look like the Michelin Man.

Here's my solution: a lacy doily scarf.  After almost a year of collecting doilies from Goodwill Outlet Center, I finally had enough to make this feminine winter accessory.  Because all of these doilies came from a thrift store, no two are the same (kind of like snowflakes).  This collection is full of different colors, sizes, shapes, and styles.  Personally, I love the combination of textures and delicate antique feel.   If this isn't your look, check craft stores for sets of identical doilies.  This scarf consists of twelve doilies,  but you may need more or less depending on the size.  Here's how to make one for yourself:

You will need:
a strip of lace or ribbon- 1.5" wide and 60" long
needle and thread

Before doing anything, I recommend washing your doily collection with bleach.  Next, spread out the strip of lace on a flat surface.  The lace will be kind of like the skeleton of your scarf.  Starting at one end of the lace, lay the doilies out.  The center of each doily should line up with the lace strip and its edge should touch the next doily, but not overlap.
When you are happy with the arrangement, pin them in place.  Sew the doilies to the lace strip.  
Lay the scarf flat again with the lace skeleton face up. It should look like this.  Your scarf will have two layers of doilies; one on each side with the lace skeleton in the center.  You are half way finished!
 Take the remaining doilies and lay them out on the lace to arrange your second layer.  Cover the spaces between doilies by staggering the new set.
 Again, center the doilies on the lace strip and try to have the edges touch without overlapping.
Sew the doilies in place on the other side and wear!

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