Monday, December 24, 2012

A Dreamy 1980s Christmas ~ Etsy Treasury

When you were little, what special toys were on your Christmas list to Santa?
 I imagine that mine looked something like this.  I had - and still have - about half the items in this Etsy Treasury.  The 1980's were an ideal time to be young: rainbows were popular and all the TV shows seemed to have important underlying themes, such as the value of friendship and caring for the earth.  Everything was sweet, colorful, and magical.  It was such a great time in toy history that if you walk through the doors of almost any toy store today, you'll  find yourself surrounded by nostalgic new Hello Kitty charms, stuffed Care Bears, My Little Pony figures, and Muppet Baby puppets.

Of course, I'd still take the vintage versions over re-created treasures any day.  For those of us with no place for a Strawberry Shortcake bake shop or Rainbow Brite doll, there are dozens of tiny little accessories (cute and useful) such as the itty bitty strawberry earrings or this set of sweet little pink mushroom barrettes which are for sale at Loki Monster Designs (I love them).
View the treasury and visit the other shops featured here.

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