Friday, December 14, 2012

Good{will outlet} Friday #36 case you haven't noticed, Christmas is in less than two weeks and I still don't see any snow out there.  Am I disappointed?   Honestly: no.

Remember when a wild December storm resulted in snow days that allowed us to stay home from school and sleep in?  Nowadays, that kind of weather just prevents me from getting to work on time and makes me get sick and have 'old man voice' for a week.  While some of you are pouting at home and dreaming of a white Christmas, I'm out living it up and enjoying a few ice-less, snow-less walks on the trail by my home.  Okay, maybe you don't consider a good walk as 'living it up', but you have to admit that starting the day without shoveling your driveway feels kind of good.
This week's outfit is winter friendly, (almost) entirely from Goodwill Outlet Center, and cost less than $10.
You may remember the floral dress (from my birthday) and the boots (from waaaay back in March).  The gray wool coat was an awesome find at the regular goodwill last spring. Because winter was on its way out, all coats were 50% off that lucky day.  I brought this coat home for $2.50 and stuffed it in my closet until the fall.
I made the scarf last week using doilies collected from the outlet center and I haven't taken it off.  If you need a little thrift shopping inspiration, check out this blog about slow fashion: theyearofslowfashion.  The author, Rachel, has decided not to buy anything new for an entire year.  She is relying on thrift stores, hand-me-downs, vintage treasures, and re-purposing old items to fill her closet.  Every day, she posts a new outfit, which all happen to be very cute and trendy.


  1. oh my goodness! i just noticed via my stats that you had a shout out to my blog! SO amazing you are so sweet for mentioning me!!!!! side note- love love love this scarf idea i have A MILLION DOILIES and there are so many things i want to do but i never do, obsessed with this idea :D

    again thanks so much!!!
    the year of slow fashion

    1. oh! I was going to shoot you an email with the link but I forgot! Sorry about that! If you decide to make a doily scarf (or anything else with them) send me a picture!