Monday, December 10, 2012

Good{will outlet} Friday #35 ~ Inspired by Victoria's Secret

I love Victoria's Secret clothing (like most people, of course), but I'm going to tell you what I REALLY love about it: those ladies can make anything look good.

Take, for example, this photo from the catalog ----->

Make no mistake - this girl is wearing long johns!  If somebody said to me, "Close your eyes and conjure up an image of the least attractive article of clothing you can imagine", I think a pair of goofy looking tight long johns definitely takes the cake.  Those pajamas cannot possibly look that flattering in real life...unless you are a Victoria's Secret model, in which case, you'd look hot in a trash bag.

For this week's Good{will outlet} Friday post, I chose another item from the catalog (not the long johns - you're welcome).   This black sweater dress is so elegant and pretty.  Whoever thought of combining a dress with a sweater is genius.  I think it would look gorgeous on anyone, not just a skinny, tan, six foot tall model.  And the best part?  Its warm and cozy- a must for snowy December days.

My sweater dress, along with everything else I'm wearing is from Goodwill Outlet Center.  Everything together cost less than ten dollars.

The sweater dress I was lucky enough to find looks brand new.  The fabric is soft and very warm with a princess waistline and slightly puffy sleeves.  Its classy enough for a nice dinner with heels and simple enough to out wear every day.  Sometimes I wear it with black flats, patterned tights, and a bright scarf.  For today's outfit, I have on the craziest high heels I own.  They are gold and flashy and slightly difficult to walk in, but fun.

You can never really know what random things you'll discover in the blue Outlet Center bins - that's the magic of it.  I have a decent sized collection of pretty little odds & ends that have caught my eye and come home with me.  One of the best ways to use these unique little found objects is in jewelry making.  Its always fun to wear items that tell an interesting story.  As I mentioned last week, my favorite found objects are keys.  This antique brass key is trendy as a necklace and its original.

All of these items were purchased from Goodwill Outlet Center, but here's who made them:
Dress, Calvin Klein
Shoes, Nine West
Key, no brand

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