Friday, October 5, 2012

Good{will outlet} Friday #30 ~ 13 Outfits From 12 Pieces

At the beginning of every season, magazines and websites are plastered with articles that feature new trends and list all the clothing staples you need for your wardrobe.  I especially love the posts that show readers how to mix and match a just few items to create a handful of different outfits- like this one from Lucky Magazine.

This week, I decided to write one of my own.  I picked twelve items out of my closet (all from Goodwill Outlet Center) and using just those articles, put together twelve different outfits (even including one Halloween costume).  Some pieces are from older Good{will outlet}Friday posts, a few items have been discovered in the blue bins recently, and others have been waiting for months to be matched up and worn.  In total, this basic fall wardrobe cost less than $20.
Here are the basic pieces (and the companies that made them):

cable knit cropped sweater, Charlotte Russe
pleated dress, DKNY
short wool jacket, Wet Seal
V-neck boyfriend tee, Mossimo (from Good{will outlet} Friday #4 ~ Hunger Games)
men's vintage tie, Regal
skinny jeans, Bongo (from Good{will outlet} Friday #18 ~ Inspired by The Buckle)
silk blouse, Russ Togs
suede booties, Style & Co
silk ruffled flats, Audrey Brooke
fringed scarf, Ben Goodman
tights, no brand (from Good{will outlet} Friday #3 ~ Park Place)
clutch purse, R.O.C. (from Good{will outlet} Friday #23 ~ Inspired by Alloy)

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  1. Very clever. I'm impressed by your ability to make such good purchases. Lovely outfits.