Wednesday, December 30, 2015

#2015YearofAdventure Wrap Up

Can you believe 2015 is fading out?

Our tagline for 2015 was "The Year of Adventure" and many, many adventures were had.
After ringing in the new year by participating in an improve performance, Patrick and I experienced everything from visiting a cat cafe to meeting a Buddhist monk to taking a high energy African drum circle.
Without a doubt, we stepped out of our comfort zones and not only connected with each other, but also forged connections in our community.
We even visited Casa Bonita in Denver! 
I watched the SouthPark episode about the restaurant online to prepare myself and it was every bit as absurd and awesome as the cartoon depicted.
I used the hashtag #2015theYearofAdventure to keep track of our excursions and experiences on Instagram.  Although we began the year with the intention of having adventures together, we each had quite a few on our own as well. 
I joined a book club, belly dance group, and an after school yoga class and Patrick found his ideal job as an adoption coordinator for the Humane Society.  Life is good.  :)
I don't love creating New Year resolutions because I usually forget about them a few months in, and then I feel this surge of regret and disappointment when I suddenly remember. Something as simple as "have adventures" seemed attainable - and definitely was.   Now to come to a decision on what 2016 will be all about...

Here's to a bright and wonderful New Year!
Sending much love and kindness your way.

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