Friday, October 26, 2012

A Day in the Life of Stella

Stella, our last foster kitten, went back to the Humane Society this morning to find a forever home.

  I have to admit: I said no more foster kittens, but this wide eyed  little black puffball grew on me.  I fell in love almost instantly with this fuzzy little bundle of energy.  I discovered quickly that she is definitely not as innocent as she looks.
She's an absolute terror - but a cute one.  When she wasn't stealing our food off the table, breaking all of my things, or traumatizing the other cats, tiny Stella was a cuddler.  I woke up at least once a night to find her nuzzling up between our pillows, or sometimes on my pillow, right against my face.

Just in case you've never had to deal with a naughty kitten, this is what its like.
Here is a day in the life of Stella:

6:00am - Rise and shine! Get the people out of bed by curling up against their faces and smothering them.
6:15am - Investigate the tub.
 7:10am - Check out the dining table.  If you happen to smell something enticing, wait until the people are busy, then grab the food and run away with it.
7:15am - Clean up time after the people take their waffle back.  
9:10am - Spy on the people while they work and rummage through any open containers.  Be sure to bite, claw, and play with everything - especially if the people seem annoyed or the item is important to them.

 11:00am - Cuddle with the other cats.  When they least expect it, bite them then run away.
12:10pm - Find a cord to wrestle with, preferably a cord attached to something heavy that can be pulled or knocked off the counter.
 1:30pm - Take a nap.
1:45pm - Climb the house plant.
 5:30pm - Dinner time.  Hang around the table and look cute.  Maybe they'll share...if not, try to drag something off the plate and sneak away with it.
7:35pm - Fall into the toilet so the people have to give you a bath.
 9:30pm - Find a place to curl up with the people while they read in bed.  Dream about tomorrow.
                                                                                                                         Good news: little Stella was adopted today!  We bought this tiny bottle of Stella Rosa Wine to celebrate.  I'll be honest: knowing that she won't be coming back to our place is bittersweet.  I'll never again experience that moment of horror as Stella knocks my computer off the coffee table or spend half an hour washing wet food out of her fur as she tries to squirm away from the sink.  Her new family has to deal with those issues now.  But they also get to snuggle with her every night, and I'm kind of jealous of that.                                                                                    
Enjoy your new home, little Stella, we'll miss you!

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