Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tiny Things

I bought this collection of crayon covered wooden doll furniture from Goodwill Outlet Center the other day with hopes of sprucing it up.  After some sanding and a fresh coat of paint with a set of hand sewn bedding, everything looks bright and new!

I put together a 15 piece set with a hand made rug (and a couple of goodies produced by other companies) to sell in my Etsy shop for some lucky Calico Critters.

I am so in love with this tiny stuff, especially the process of taking adorable pictures for Etsy.  Someday, maybe I'll illustrate a children's book with photos of mini things and little Calico Critter animals.  I think I like setting up for photos even more than making or selling the actual items sometimes.

These are a few of the other things I've made for Etsy (but what I really want to show you are the pictures):
 For the background in this fairy photo I used some tiny Christmas trees, a strip of fake grass from a mini golf put part (I bought it from a thrift store to cut up for my Artprize project a few few years ago) and a metal hanging lantern for the gazebo.
These candy buckets and pumpkins are made from painted wooden beads, and that's the Calico Critter house I bought a few months ago.  The stone path is actually a row of linoleum samples. Everything has to come apart because my photo booth (my porch) isn't exactly an ideal pace to leave this stuff when I'm done with it.
 Art class! The easel is made from clothes pins and tile samples.  That little green chair is from a vintage Calico Critter set I bought at Goodwill, and the striped wall was created with a piece of pink and white tissue paper spray mounted to foam core as a quick and portable back drop for tiny things.
This is another foam core wall with vintage gift wrap for wall paper.  its hard to see, but on the left, above the chair is a window.  I cut it with an x-acto knife and hot glued lace over the hole to read in photos as curtains.   The fire palce was made with dominoes from a old children's game and the other furniture came with my house.  See the little black fire wood basket?  That was made from a plastic poker chip.
This was one of my favorite things to photograph: a Welcome Home Baby Set.  The baby toy was made with beads and a plastic connector ring, and the little bin is actually a white block from the game Don't Break the Ice.  I trimmed the sides, lined it with gray felt and added a teeny little bow.  For the photo, I used more furniture from my Critter house and the pink striped foam core wall again.  if you want to see the other photos (or buy any of these goodies) check out my Etsy Shop.

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