Sunday, October 14, 2012

Go For a Walk!

Go for a walk! Its gorgeous out there! And you know you won't want to when the weather is so frigid that your nose runs but you're too numb to feel it, so go now!
We have a lot of different parks and trails around my place, but I don't visit then nearly enough.  Today, we decided to take in Autumn with a long walk together through the woods.
It was beautiful and so peaceful.  The trees are blazing with vibrant leaves and at any moment, you can watch  a handful of them floating softly down to the forest floor.  It was almost magical.
We spied on a deer family for a while and look... a Woolly Willy (probably not his technical name, just what I called these big caterpillars as a kid).  He's Halloween colored and feels like a bottle brush.
The deer watched us, too. We must have eyed each other for at least fifteen minutes.  We also caught a glimpse of a black squirrel, but he was too fast to snap a picture of.  I didn't know we had black squirrels here in Grand Rapids.
The only way to cross the little stream is by log bridge, and I'm pretty proud of the fact that neither of us have fallen in....yet.  Its interesting to see the how the woods transform and adapt for each of the four seasons, its like an entirely different place each time.

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