Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gift Wrap Wednesday #1 ~ Neon (DIY)

I am a sucker for pretty packaging.

Opening a lovely, thoughtfully wrapped gift is like taking a big bite of beautifully decorated cake.  Gift wrapping is an art of its own, and like most creative processes, an opportunity to recycle.  Every Wednesday I am going to share a gift wrapping idea that incorporates materials found in your recycling bin or junk drawer.  For this fun neon package I used yard sale dots and sticky notes.  Here's how:

You will need:
white paper
round yard sale stickers
sticky notes
glue gun
Begin by wrapping your gift in white copy paper, then add the yard sale stickers.  Mine are old...very old, and didn't stick very well.
To make the bow, cut a stack of sticky notes (about 5) into six strips.  Be sure to cut perpendicular to the sticky edge so that each of your strips has a sticky end.
Pull the strips apart and press the ends together to make a teardrop shape.  These will be the loops of your bow (ignore my crappy nail polish please).
Take one of the strips and overlap the ends to make a ring instead of a tear drop shape.  This will be the center of your bow.
Using your hot glue gun, glue the teardrop loops together into a flower shaped ring.  Each of my 'flowers' has about 6 loops.  Make one section with just three loops to create a 'Y' shape.
You should have several 'flower' sections, one 'Y' shape and a ring shaped loop (Save the extra unused strips for later).
Glue the sections with 6 loops on top of each other.  Next, glue the 'Y' shaped section on top, then add the ring shaped loop to the center.
Now its time for those unused extra strips. Press them onto your gift to hang off the edges.  Finally, glue the bow on top.
Your gift is ready to give!  Enjoy!

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