Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Feather Pencils (DIY)

Here is a quick way to spice up boring office supplies: feathers!

Bring some energy to your work space (and stop people from walking away with your writing utensils) with these edgy, easy to make tribal pencils. Go wild! You can't exactly fire them across the room from a bow or anything, but you can pretend! Tribal design is everywhere right now, so why not bring it to the office? Its bright, fun, and energetic. When this pack of feathers arrived from Totally Tutorials and Abakhan (thank you!) I knew exactly how to use them:

You will need:
pencils or pens
hot glue gun
studs, buttons, or beads for embellishment
This packet had enough feathers for three pencils (I used six on each).  Using the hot glue gun, attach the base of each feather around the eraser of your pencil. Glue on larger feathers first, then add smaller ones.
With a dab of glue, connect the edge of the ribbon.  Wrap until you've covered the bases of all the feathers. My ribbon is about an inch wide, but if yours is thinner, you may have to wrap it around the end of the pencil several times.
Fold the end of the ribbon and glue in place.  This will prevent the ribbon from fraying and give your pencils a polished look.
With another dab of glue, add an embellishment to cover the end of your ribbon.  Use studs, small stones, arrow head shaped charms, horn shaped buttons, etc.  Be creative!
If the tribal look isn't your thing here are some other ideas to consider:
~Make them girly instead with pink feathers, sparkly ribbon, and a glittery rhinestone.
~For a charming farmhouse feel, use natural colored feathers, cream colored lace instead of ribbon, and antique buttons.
~For a show-y Mardi Gras feel, use peacock feathers, green or purple ribbon, and a gold charm.
This is a great project for school children (middle school girls love making these) and a fun gift idea.
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