Monday, October 15, 2012

Psycho Shower Mat (DIY)

Now, I realize that some of you people out there were rolling your eyes when Halloween decorations began lurking on store shelves in September.  I'll be honest: I was giddy.

I love decking out my apartment for holidays - any holiday, and in my opinion its never too soon.  I'm guilty of setting up the Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, but think of it this way: tree trimming can be a lot of work, right?  Why not enjoy it for as long as you can?

In one of my absolute favorite nerdy catalogs, Think Geek, I found this amazingly creepy Horror Movie Bath Mat.
I envision an eerie Hallow's Eve guest bathroom with gauzy black spider webs draped over the mirror and half a dozen red candles glowing on the counter with this chilling bath mat in front of the tub.
 Because I will only use this mat for a few weeks in October, and I'm cheap, I made one with Simply Spray Blood and a towel from the dollar store. 
Anyone that sets eyes on this gory mat will definitely be peeking behind the curtain to check for psycho killers before unbuttoning their pants...

You will need:
bottle of Simply Spray Blood
light colored towel or bath mat
garbage bag or painting cloth
a lovely assistant's feet
Spread out the garbage bag or painting cloth on your work surface and have your lovely assistant prop their feet up. 
Mine sat on the edge of the tub with his feet dangling.
Slide the towel underneath their feet to catch the messy dripping blood.
Spray the feet generously with the fake blood, including each of the toes.
The blood will run down and drip on your towel, making an even gorier Psycho Bath Mat.
Have your assistant slowly lower their feet and stand on the mat to create the bloody footprints.
Have some paper towel on hand to clean up (unless you want bloody footprints throughout your house, which would also be a creepy way to decorate for Halloween). 
Allow the spray blood to dry for several hours before use.
You may also want to try making the shower curtain to match.  If you do, I would love to see it!

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