Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gift Wrap Wednesday #2 ~ Webdings Wrapping Paper

So you're stuck at the office and you suddenly remember that you forgot to wrap that birthday gift sitting in your car!  Don't panic.  Here's a great way to wrap up your package using things that can be found in your cubicle:

First, open a word document and fill the page with one letter, then knock the font size up (I went all the way up to 72).  Play with the fonts until you find a character that works as a wrapping paper pattern - see? webdings is actually good for something.  I also made the font bold.
 I used: b - b (webdings)

Once you've created an attractive design, change the font color.  If you aren't able to print in color at your place of work, go for a very light gray font.
Use the ruler above your document to shrink the margins on either side, allowing the shapes to fill your entire page.  When you are in love with your paper, print!!!

If you don't have time to explore all of your font options, here are a few that I like:
d- d (webdings)
Y- Y (webdings)
 a - a (wingdings)
z- z (wingdings)
N - N (wingdings)
Q - Q (wingdings)
T - T (wingdings)
e - e (wingdings 2)
a- a (wingdings 3)
r - R (wingdings 3)

And now to make the bow:
You will need two sheets of colored paper (check the recycling bin) and a stapler.  Cut the sheets of paper into four strips then cut those in half.  You'll have 16 pieces.  Take a strip and pinch the ends together, then do this with all the strips except two.  Staple them together to make your bow.  Cut 'v' shaped notches in the two remaining strips and tape to your package.
Tape the bow on top.  Add a sticky note tag and your gift is ready to give.  No one will ever know you wrapped it with office supplies, and if they do figure it out, they will be impressed.
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  1. Heather! Imagine my surprise when I was going through my blog reader and saw another blog with a familiar tutorial linked to it... Just thought I'd let you know (in case you didn't already). Way to go (:

    1. Ohhhh! Thanks! I didn't know about this yet! I'm so excited!