Thursday, January 3, 2013

Holiday Wrap Up

Good morning, Blog Friends!

We haven't spoken in a while, have we?  The shopping has finally died down and the snow is slowly piling up outside and I have been anticipating this moment for weeks - the moment where I slink away to curl up at my computer in pajamas with a cup of coffee deciding what to write about.  I hope your Holidays were perfect.  Mine were wonderful; busy, hectic and not long enough to squeeze in everything I wanted to do, but still wonderful.

Here are some of the special moments I enjoyed this Christmas: 
*Playing board games with my family. I'm not generally a board game person, but this experience might have changed my mind forever.  We actually had fun!  A majority of the entertainment came from watching Patrick take a personal vendetta on my brother after being sued in the Game of Life, but I would definitely break the games out again.
*Opening and exchanging gifts with friends. Some of my favorite gifts: a book packed full of valuable Etsy business advice from my Father-in-law, a vintage Calico Critter piano from Patrick, and Wayne's World 1 & 2 on DVD from Molly- Sha-weeeeeeet.
*Writing a letter to a little girl from Santa.  A box of dollhouse furniture from my Etsy shop was lost in the mail.  Thankfully, it was returned to sender on the 24th (a Christmas miracle) and I reshipped the package after Christmas with a letter from Santa apologizing to her for leaving the box at the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

And here are some of the things I did NOT like about this holiday season:
*Going to work on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve (an unfortunate - yet expected - side effect of working at a major toy retailer).
*The end of the world. That was kind of a disappointment, don't you think?  But a friend posted this image on Facebook and I like this version of events much better:
* Realizing that my washing machine had died and flooded our laundry room with sudsy water on Christmas morning.  Really........Christmas day??? When I'm already trying to do 100 things at the last minute and the maintenance crew has the day off?
*The horrible mildew smell that permeated my apartment three days after the Great Laundry Room Flood of 2012.  Yeah, that was a fun time.
*Having my card declined in the checkout lane at Target. Silly me; I forgot that my awesome bank takes their sweet time posting deposited checks into my account - especially during a holiday week.  You can imagine my slack-jawed look of horror as the cashier sheepishly handed my useless card back to me.   Luckily, Patrick was at home and able to transfer money from our savings account while I stood next to my overflowing cart of towels, bleach spray, and scented candles pretending to play with my phone for fifteen long, awkward minutes.

Thankfully, its all over and I can focus on doing everyday things for a while, such as washing all those dirty clothes in my exciting new washing machine.  How was your Christmas? Tell me all about your like and dislikes!

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