Monday, March 16, 2015

Bobcat in a Box: Part Three

It's here: the third installment in the thrilling saga of Bobcat in a Box packages.

I signed up for Bobcat in a Box at the beginning of February, and every envelope to arrive in my mailbox has been a complete surprise. Here are my goodies from last week:

Package #15
18 green gem beads
Look familiar?  Other than the color, these are identical to the beads from package #11.
Remember how I mentioned getting a Christmas feel from that set?  
With red and green beads, I feel like I have to go in the Holiday direction.  I have no choice here.

Package #16
5 glittering green plastic leaves.  
Hmmm...I could see these becoming pretty little barrettes. 
I might even attach a colorful felt flower.

Package #17
Bear shaped sandwich cutter
Now this is adorable
I will absolutely be saving this to make sweet little sammies for my niece!

Package #18
Gold toned jump rings
This craft supply will absolutely get used.  In fact: I actually need some of these right now.

Package #19
10 glass Holiday gems
Look at the cuteness on these teeny tiny gems.  Everything about them is adorable.
I don't know what purpose they will serve yet, but they are too charming to overlook.

Package #20
Red foam clown nose
...........I mean.........I guess you could consider this a craft supply?  
I just......I have no clue what to do here.  
When I opened the package, I literally stared at it in silent shock for an entire minute.
It makes me uncomfortable.

Package #21
Galaxy bracelet with leather bands
And here is one of my very favorite Bobcat deliveries.  
I would purchase this from a store, and the fact that it was only $1 is pretty freaking awesome.

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