Thursday, March 26, 2015

Denver Goodwill Outlet World

A few days ago, I went to Denver because I discovered that it was home to a Goodwill Outlet World.
That's right: WORLD! Do you see that?
And let me tell you - I was not disappointed.  
The store was very big with plenty of windows and dozens of blue tables to dig through.
It was amazing.  I have really missed the Goodwill Outlet store in Michigan, and I felt right at home here.  I think I shopped for about two hours and left with a full cart.
 I found some gorgeous clothing, shoes, and housewares - all good stuff.
For the entire cart of merchandise, I paid $18.66.
That is why I love shopping at Goodwill Outlet Centers!
And guess what? 
I made a video to tell you all about the fantastic things I brought home with me.  In the three years I've posted on this blog, never before have I recorded a video - especially of myself.  It's so weird.
I hope you enjoy my awkwardness!

All of these items were purchased at Goodwill Outlet World, but here is a recap of the clothing and original retailer/brand:

striped dress, Tabitha for Anthropologie
palazzo pants, Xhileration for Target
jacket, Luii
black tunic dress, Max Studio
leather purse, Fossil
tall brown boots, BullBoxer
black ankle boots, Madden Girl
silver slip-on shoes, TOMS

What are some of your favorite thrift store finds?


  1. We have one here in South Carolina. I have to avoid it like candy. LOL!

    1. I bet! It's a good thing that I live an hour away from this place, or I'd go every day! It's retail candy!