Sunday, March 8, 2015

Bobcat in a Box: Part Two

It's time for another Bobcat in a Box delivery update!
This group of Bobcat in a Box packages has everything:
hovercraft kits, dice with chores on them, Japanese sweet buns made of foam...

(Image from Mashable)
The $1 Ebay listings are chosen randomly by a bot, but recipients have the option to add search keywords.  My keywords were: craft supply, miniature, and kawaii - would never know that by looking at these deliveries.

Package #7
18 faux stone hearts
I really like the rich southwest feel and colors, but I have no idea what to use them for - or if I'll ever use them at all.  Either way, 18 hearts is a nice deal for a dollar, especially since the customs listing claims that they're worth $8 (although I highly doubt that).

Package #8
chore die
So this is interesting.  I guess I could play a house cleaning game with it or something?
Maybe, like something Cinderella related?  
Way back in my high school babysitting days, this would have been incredibly useful.

Package #9
silver toned bird necklace
This is actually a nice little necklace, don't you think?  
The bird is sweet and the design is modern. Not bad, Bobcat Bot!  

Package #10
...poof keychains..?
So I believe these are foam versions of Japanese sweet buns. On key chains.  
Not a clue in the world what I'll do with these things...

Package #11
18 red gem beads
Okay, another package valued at $8.  Again, I appreciate the quantity for a dollar, but what do I do with them?  I get this Christmas Nutcracker feel.  
Maybe I'll be feel inspired as we get closer to the Holiday season.

Package #12
plastic hovercraft kit
Yup.  It comes with helicopter-like blades and is fueled by air seeping out of a latex balloon.
Just what I've always wanted.

Package #13
kawaii pink bunny
I think this adorable little guy might be my favorite treasure to arrive this week.
 It's also my first 'kawaii' item from Bobcat in a Box!

Package #14
red 'ruby' necklace
This necklace has 'Renaissance Fair' written all over it.  
I could see the crazy evil queen from Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland wearing this with ruffles and petty coats as she screams about beheading everyone.

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