Monday, March 9, 2015

Moroccan Votive Holder DIY

How about...we go to Morocco?
Imagine for a moment that we are strolling through a Moroccan marketplace full of rich spices, exotic foods, and beautiful handmade crafts.  The vibrant colors and smells would be dizzying - almost intoxicating!  Draped fabrics dyed a bold red or yellow flutter in the same soft breeze that carries the heavy scent of spices, under a warm, welcoming sun.  
Our eyes would hungrily dart from place to place, taking in the painfully tedious stitching, paint strokes, and carving as heavy metal lanterns clink above our heads and shop owners whisper invitations in our ears.

(Photo by Ian Fegent, found on

I see Moroccan art as both intricate and loud.  
Reckless vibrant colors meld into delicate designs and fine materials to form something magical.  Some day I will go there, and then I will paint a mural of a gorgeous Moroccan marketplace on my dining room wall.   Until that magical day, I will just have to settle for making a few Morocco inspired votive holders. The colorful glass and 'gold' design will add the teeniest touch of Moroccan artistry to your home.

You will need:
- colorful glass votive candle holders
- metallic sharpie markers
- votive candles

Before you head to a craft store, swing by your local thrift store to peruse their glassware selection. It's no Moroccan market place, but you may find a few good deals.  I picked up this set of three votive candle holders for .99 cents - and on that specific day, about a dozen colorful glass votive holders were for sale.  If you aren't having luck in the candle section, check the cup and glass aisle where you are likely to find pretty little juice glasses or colorful jars.
Find a simple design idea for each votive.  Simple is best for this project.
 I looked at Moroccan art online for inspiration. 
With your Sharpie, create an outline for your design using dots.  
The patterns created on your votive holders will have imperfections and inconsistencies. 
Embrace them.  Imperfections lend themselves to an exotic handmade feel - and that's what makes treasures like these unique and special.  
When you have a nice dotted outline, use more dots to fill it in.
Use hundreds - no, thousands of dots to fill in the outline.  
Consider overlapping the dots and varying the pressure to get different sizes.
Set the votive holders on a baking sheet in an UNHEATED oven.
Set the oven to 300 degrees and bake for thirty minutes.
Turn the oven off and allow them to cool INSIDE the oven.
When they have completely cooled, place a candle inside and enjoy!
P.S. Be careful! They will break easily. 
So sad. :(

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