Sunday, March 1, 2015

Faux Tooth Necklace DIY

Maybe this is a fang, or a teeny tusk.  
Whatever exotic back story you have in your head, feel good knowing that no animals were harmed in the creation of this necklace because it was made from polymer clay.
This 'tooth' is a cinch to make and will harden in your oven at home.

You will need:
- polymer clay in beige or ivory
- jewelry wire
- long chain with a clasp
- toothpick
If the clay is hard, pull away a small section and knead with your hands to soften.  I chose Sculpey brand because it has always worked well for me.  
You can purchase it from most craft stores in very small blocks like this one.
Roll the clay with your fingers to form long round worm shapes with slightly pointed ends.
With a knife or other sharp object, slice the clay tube shape.  My 'teeth' are anywhere from 1" to 1.5" long.  If you are feeling especially wild, go longer!
*note* Never use tools with polymer clay that you also use to handle food - it's not safe
Press a toothpick into the clay near the flat end to create a hole.  
Ha! A tooth pick - used to make a faux tooth?  That's kind of funny, right?  No?  Okay, moving on...
Carefully place the teeth on a baking sheet and curve the tips ever so slightly.  
Again, remember not to use anything you eat off of.  I purchased this cookie sheet from the dollar store especially for crafts.  Bake your clay for as long as the package suggests.
Open the windows to allow ventilation while the clay is baking.  It doesn't smell horrible, but the fumes emitted aren't good to breathe.
Wrap a section of jewelry wire around the tip of round pliers or another very skinny round object (like the toothpick or a coffee stir) and twist to create a small round loop.  
The loop should be just large enough to thread your chain through, and the wire segment should be about 8" long. 
Thread the wire through the hole of your hardened clay tooth with the loop positioned in the center of the top flat surface.  Twist the end to hold it in place.
Wrap the wire around the tooth, hiding the hole, then wrap the end tightly around the base of your loop.  With wire clippers, snip away any excess wire that may scratch your skin while wearing the pendant.
String one or several tooth pendants on a chain.

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