Monday, March 23, 2015

Light Fixture Terrarium DIY

I am very quickly falling in love with geometric terrariums this Spring.
Not only do I see them in high-end catalogs and stores, but the inspiration is everywhere - even the thrift store!  This DIY is easy and very affordable!

You will need:

- glass and metal light fixture
- wire clippers and various household tools
- rocks and small stones
- a variety of air plants

Air plants need very little water.  However, if you are concerned about water damaging your furniture, you may want to use a waterproof sealant like E-6000 on the seams of the bottom of the fixture. For detailed instructions on this process, visit the Vintage Jewelry Box Terrarium DIY.

Every time I strolled past the dusty hardware aisle, overflowing with dated glass and brass light fixtures, I would think, "Any one of these could make an amazing terrarium.  I should really buy one..." and then, I'd keep on walking. 
Last week, however, I finally decided to take one home.
I bought this little guy on a Saturday when blue tags are 50% off, so my total was a whopping $2 for this great vintage fixture!
 Use your clippers to snip the wires and remove any electrical components from the inside.
Wipe away any dust or grime until your fixture sparkles.
I recommend using a natural cleaner, such as vinegar to avoid leaving a residue that may harm your plants.  It's a bit smelly until it dries, but as you can see - it does the job!
Now we add the rocks.
You can buy stones from a garden supply center or if you're frugal like me, go on a nature hike and handpick them.
 I only chose the lightest, prettiest quartz rocks I could find.  
Colorado happens to have no shortage of attractive rocks.
Soak your fancy new rock collection in water with a tiny bit of dish soap for a few hours.
Rinse very well, then set them on a towel to dry.
Carefully arrange them in your terrarium.
 Start with larger rocks on the bottom and finish with the smaller stones to fill in gaps to even out the landscape.
I honestly don't know if light fixtures are waterproof.  
Soooo... to avoid a potential mess with soil and standing water, I opted to use air plants.  
Not only are they beautiful, but they need only a few spritzes of water to thrive.
I purchased this set of five from Amazon
 Arrange the little plants in your terrarium using the smaller rocks to keep them in place.
Mist your plants every few days to keep them happy and enjoy your new terrarium!
You can set this up anywhere in the house, from the living room to the kitchen. 
Have fun being creative with your terrarium. 
There is no wrong way to do this, as you can customize it to fit your own decor style. 
The wall art in the background can be created on websites like Shutterfly.

What do you like putting in your terrarium?

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  1. This is gorgeous, and affordable at that! I've been loving terrariums lately but they are quite pricey- this is a great DIY alternative. xx