Saturday, January 5, 2013

Do What You Love

My big New Years resolution for 2012 was to start a blog.

Well, as you can see, I kept that one!  
In 2011, I would have never ever imagined myself writing a blog, and I'm sure that most of my friends and family couldn't have envisioned that either.  My focus had been on finding a 'real job' and paying the bills and NOT doing artistic projects because they were unproductive.  I was exhausted and unhappy all the time (kind of like Grumpy Cat), so I started searching for activities that inspired me and gave me energy.  I've always had a passion for creating things, but never enough time.
That's where Shades of Tangerine comes in.  At the beginning, the purpose of this blog was to keep me accountable: it justified the time I spent making things and motivated me.  I can still pay my bills (barely, but that's okay) and I'm happy.  Honestly, I never thought anyone would read it.  In fact, I had this nightmare about people discovering my newbie attempt at blogging and laughing at me and telling their friends.  People did find it though, and no one least not to my face, anyway.  Instead, they had kind words and shared their ideas with me- which inspired me even more!  This experience has been amazing; more exciting and inspiring than I imagined possible!  Creating this blog has pushed my limits, opened doors to opportunities I have never considered for myself, and made me brave.

In 2012, I have:

- written over 250 posts

- been on network TV with Goodwill industries
(it was horribly awkward, but an awesome experience)

- opened an Etsy Shop (this was the scariest task, by far)

- had dozens of projects featured on other sites, such as Totally Tutorials, Dollar Store Crafts, and Lomography

Thank you for all of your support, kind words, and wonderful ideas.  I couldn't have done this without you.  You are amazing!   Keep doing what you do and inspiring me!

My goals for 2013:
-get organized!
-Keep in touch with friends and family
-Become more involved with the art community
-Live by the mantra 'Do What You Love'

My goals for this blog:
-Write at least four posts each week
- Make an Etsy treasury every week that features other artists
- Feature guest bloggers to share their special skills and passions
- Tell you all about the things that inspire me, maybe they'll inspire you, too :)

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