Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gift Wrap Wednesday #6 Take Out Box (DIY)

Happy Wednesday!

Today's recycled gift wrap project involves a takeout box.  Why?  Because I think take out boxes are cute.  I love the shape - and who doesn't enjoy Asian take out food?  This type of box also happens to be easy to get your hands on.  You can find them at stores that specialize in bulk food sales (like Gordon Food Service) or ask for an empty one at your favorite Asian restaurant.  Because of the unique shape of the box, I chose to spruce it up with stickers rather than wrapping paper.

*This package was wrapped especially for a little girl named Pearl.  Happy birthday, Pearl!*

You will need:
paper takeout box

Decorate the basic white box with some simple stickers.  I used the gold seals from a few stationary sets.  You could also use round yard sale stickers in bright colors or metallic stars - think back to charts in grade school: you get a gold star!
Wrap it up with several layers of ribbon and make a big curly bow.

Tucked in the bow is an Ume Blossom barrette I made last February (click here to revisit the tutorial).
Those adorable bunnies with bells came from Patrick's Japanese co-worker.

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