Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gift Wrap Wednesday #4 Steampunk Paper (DIY)

This lovely sheet of steampunk gift wrap is old, intricate, and tiny (like most steampunk-y things).
 Its just the right size for a little jewelry box and made from the page of a very old book.

You will need:
a gold metallic pencil or marker
black pen or marker
book page

Using the gold pencil, draw clock numbers on your paper.  You can make them fancy or just draw regular, everyday numbers.  The metallic pencil or ink lead should cover the text on your book page.
Next, use the black marker to outline each number.  Traditionally, most clock numbers are metallic gold on black.
Now its time to add a few clock hands to the paper. First, draw a tiny circle, then add a line.  At the end of your line, draw an upside down tear drop.  You can leave the clock hand just like this, or embellish it with loops and swirls.
If you want to wrap something larger than a jewelry box, tape several pages together before drawing the numbers and clock hands.

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