Wednesday, January 30, 2013


These pictures were taken last August.  It was a blissful day.
 Just scrolling through the photos of this gorgeous sunny afternoon can slow my heart rate down.  When I'm trying to calm myself, I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and conjure up memories like this one.  Why can't every day be like this?
I need to simplify.  It sounds so easy, doesn't it?  Just take on less projects and get rid of some things.  I want to disagree, but maybe it really is that easy.  

Once in college I joined a co-ed soccer team.  When I asked my classmates what nickname to put on the back of my sweatshirt, they suggested 'Over Achiever'... and not in a nice way.  I liked college but... I didn't really have a lot of friends.  Imagine that: no one wanted to hang out with the exhausted, neurotic girl that freaked out about everything.
I've been working to simplify my life (and it wouldn't hurt if I could shake that reputation).  Each morning, I'm making myself a to-do list.  Not a 'Should-do-this-because-its-important-even-though-I'd-need-to-have-Hermoine's-Time-turner-necklace-from-Harry-Potter-to-make-it-even-remotely-possible' list, but a realistic list, with important things like 'go to work' in addition to 'read a chapter from my book' and 'go for a walk.'

<--- Hermoine's Necklace, which you can actually buy from GlazedBlackCherry on Etsy.  

I'm proud to tell you that in the last few days, I've been thoroughly cleaning out my closet and packing up about 75% of the stuff I don't wear - and I feel pretty freakin' good about that.   Living without a washing machine at the beginning of the month helped me realize that I had waaaay to many clothes; like enough to clothe OctoMom's litter of kids for a solid year.  And you know what sucked about that?  Washing all of those clothes when the machine was finally fixed.  It was a weekend long event.  I could probably think about my closet now to relax.

What type of things have you done to simplify? I'm all ears.

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