Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gift Wrap Wednesday #5 Bunny Wrap Up (DIY)

This may seriously be the cutest little gift I've ever wrapped up: its simple, quick, and adorable.

Beware - if you decide to use this bunny gift wrap idea, the recipient may never actually open up the package!

You will need:
paper bag (or kraft paper)
tissue paper
glue stick
black marker

Begin by wrapping your box in the brown paper (this box contains a set of hair combs for an Etsy order).  Then cut two bunny ears from the scrap pieces.
Pinch the base of each ear (to add some dimension), then use the glue stick to attach them to the top of the wrapped box.
Next, draw a happy little bunny face with the black marker.  In my opinion, the simpler your bunny face is, the cuter it will be.
Pinch the center of your tissue paper scrap and wrap the pinched area with a small section of tape to create a bow.  Use the tape to attach it to your box covering the base of one ear.

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